Rudimentary Peni – The E.P.’s Of R.P. (1987) Vinyl LP

Band: Rudimentary Peni

Album: The E.P.'s Of R.P.

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Corpus Christi

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 23 Tracks Vinyl LP

British punk rock/deathrock band formed in 1980. Line-up: Nick Blinko - vocals, guitar Grant Matthews - bass Jon Greville - drums

23 Tracks
A1 Media Person
A2 Him Hymn
A3 Blind Dogs
A4 B Ward
A5 Crazy Chain
A6 The Gardener
A7 Teenage Time Killer
A8 Hearse
A9 Dead Living
A10 Black President
A11 Tower Of Strength
A12 Play
B1 Sacrifice
B2 Cosmetic Plague
B3 Subdued Violence
B4 Only Human
B5 The Bile Ball
B6 Farce
B7 Bloody Jellies
B8 Mice Race
B9 Defined By Age
B10 Zero Again
B11 Bubble

The title of the record on the sleeve spine is given as 'Rudimentary Peni's Extended Plays'.
Also on the spine: "Dirges & Ditties" and "R.P's E.P.'s - A Copulation Album".
A-side label and spine say "Made In France".

Back cover includes track listing and

"Fish Side" -
Recorded 1981
Street Level
Outer Himalayan Records

"Bird Side"
Recorded 1982
Southern Studios
Engineered by John Loder
Produced by Penny Rimbaud & R.P.

"Thanks to Crass, John Loder & Southern Studios"

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