SAGA – In Transit 1982

I guess you’ve heard it in the news, Notre Dame on fire and usually I’m not interested in that, but that was a little shock yesterday, after all, it is the most famous cathedral in Europe and that does not leave me cold. Large parts are destroyed, but the towers are still standing and it’s unimaginable if the building had completely disappeared, a great French tragedy could be prevented thanks to the vehement use of the many firefighters. I’m sure they will restore this ancient masonry through donations.

Today’s post dedicated to a band whose first six records still excite me and I had the pleasure to see them live in the Festhalle 1983. Originally known as Pockets, Saga were formed 1977 in Oakville, Ontario from the nucleus of Canadian rock band Fludd. In Transit is their fifth album and was recorded at the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, Munich on February 5th, 1982 and at the Tivoli Theatre, Copenhagen on February 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 1982. The nine songs are famously selected and now we start our little time travel with classics of their first four albums, no punk… but finest rock. Let them in!

Careful Where You Step//Don’t Be Late/Humble Stance/Wind Him Up/How Long/No Regrets/A Brief Case/You’re Not Alone/On The Loose

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