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Sam Smith Doesn’t Like Writing Happy Songs

By Sarah Carroll

Sam Smith is known around the world for his songs about heartbreak and it turns out, that’s just the way he likes it.

“I don’t like writing happy! I have tried and it just doesn’t sound very good. I’m just not that type of artist,” Smith told 97.1 AMP Radio’s Booker.

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“If you want an artist that’s going to make you happy and dance and stuff, then I’m just not the guy,” he continued. “I’m there for the deep thoughts, those deep moments.”

Smith’s new single, “Too Good At Goodbyes,” feels incredibly intimate and personal, but the 25-year-old insists his music isn’t always about him.

“There’s only four songs on this album that are about me and my romantic life,” he shared. “I wanted to challenge myself and make sure I can’t always rely on a relationship to write my music, you know? So, I write about other people’s relationships.”

The singer-songwriter is inspired by all the ups and downs we experience when we’re in a relationship.

“Heartbreak is an emotion that absolutely everyone has gone through, but they’re too scared to talk about it, I think. And that’s why music and film and just art, when people reference it, it’s such an escapism for people because it’s not something you talk about every day with people you don’t know.”

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