Scheisse Minnelli – Waking Up On Mistake Street


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Waking Up On The Mistake Street is a blast in your ears. This is the new album of Scheisse Minnelli, out soon on 26th October 2018 on Destiny Records. The album has 12 tracks in the pure skate/core style made in California. They are mixing really good the youth punk rock attitude with hardcore and everything is fast and angry. Themes about skateboarding, politics and dealing with drugs. For the fans of bands like: MDC, DRI, Dr. Know or Verbal Abuse.
The band will start now a tour in Japan, Korea and as well back home in Germany. Also a fresh video for „Yer In A Trance” (about shit people do when they are young).

This is pure european skatecore made in 80’s with passion!!!



1. Yer In A Trance
2. Life Alert
3. Love It Or Leave It
4. Mistake Street
5. Downhill
6. Chata
7. Going Back
8. It’s Your World
9. Bedtime For Bonzo
10. Green River Wishes
11. Lessons Learned
12. Hallo Werner

you can pre-order the album here: CORETEX RECORDS , FLIGHT 13 , digital copy on AMAZON.DE , GOOGLE PLAY or ITUNES


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