SERENE FALL – The Long March 1999

Open up November, the month I hate most, with this excellent example of melancholy gloomy punk nugget, Serene Fall are for me at the top of all and after their great ’92er debut Oh My Prophet Oh My Liar I asked Maul on every gig when finally comes the second sun and he always told me the shots are in the box but the search for a label was difficult, and since I already knew some songs from the ’95 demo I could hardly believe it because there are some of their best songs on it which made it to part on the second album. So the young Major Label realized the potential of the band and seized the opportunity and brought the masterpiece at last to the people. You can imagine how happy my heart was when the CD was in my hands, promptly inserted and the long wait was worth it. Thirteen amazing, sometimes very personal, stars flashing down on you and wrap yourself in a thoughtful coat and take you to the darker side of life. The last album with a four line-up: Nico (drums), Udo (bass), Rainer (guitars), Maul (voice & guitars). Further pieces which didn’t make it on vinyl I put together on this little compilation called Rares & Demos 1994-2008. Get in and travel for a while!

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