Sex Pistols – There Is No Future (1999) CD Remastered

Band: Sex Pistols

Album: There Is No Future

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Essential

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 16 Tracks CD Remastered

The most famous (and infamous) band of the late 70s punk scene. Their rebellious image combined with a commercial sound (partly thanks to producer Chris Thomas) created some of the most memorable moments of the 70s - both musical and otherwise. Line-up: Johnny Rotten (John Lydon, b. January 31, 1956 - vocals), Steve Jones (b. September 3, 1955 - guitar), Sid Vicious (John Ritchie aka John Beverley, b. May 10, 1957 - bass, kind of; replaced original bassist Glen Matlock) and Paul Cook (b. July 20, 1956 - drums). They effectively split up after their 1978 US tour, although Jones and Cook continued to record under the name for another year or so. The original line-up reformed in 1996 for a series of concert tours, and has played live shows off and on since then, and released live recordings.

16 Tracks
1 Pretty Vacant
2 Seventeen (I'm A Lazy Sod)
3 Dolls (New York)
4 Satellite
5 No Feelings
6 I Wanna Be Me
7 Submission
8 Anarchy In The UK (Demo)
9 Anarchy In The UK (New Version)
10 No Fun
11 God Save The Queen
12 Problems
13 Pretty Vacant
14 Liar
15 EMI
16 Substitute

A collection of Dave Goodman demos and Burton On Trent live recordings.

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