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Sham 69 – Tell Us The Truth (1978) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Sham 69

Album: Tell Us The Truth

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Polydor

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 13 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Sham 69 are an English punk band that formed in Hersham in 1975.

Although not as commercially successful as many of their contemporaries, albeit with a greater number of chart entries, Sham 69 has been a huge musical and lyrical influence on the Oi! and streetpunk genres. The band allegedly derived their name from a piece of football-related graffiti that founder Jimmy Pursey saw on a wall, which originally said Walton and Hersham '69 but had partly faded away.

13 Tracks
Live Side
A1 We Got A Fight
A2 Rip Off
A3 Ulster
A4 George Davis Is Innocent
A5 They Don't Understand
A6 Borstal Breakout
Studio Side
B1 Family Life
B2 Hey Little Rich Boy
B3 I'm A Man, I'm A Boy
B4 What About The Lonely?
B5 Tell Us The Truth
B6 It's Never Too Late
B7 Whose Generation!

Printed in England by Clout & Baker Ltd.

β„— 1978 Polydor Ltd. UK

Versions with "stamp-like" relief printing in gold on front cover (right upper corner) "Limited Edition Special Price" exist.

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