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Shikari were a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from the Netherlands that were around from 1999 to 2005. They played an incredibly aggressive, fast-paced version of screamo similar to bands such as Tristan Tzara and Orchid. Tremolo-picked guitars (hinting at some black metal influence), pounding blast beats, and high-pitched shrieked vocals are at the forefront of their onslaught. Bands like these with such a high caliber of intensity are what make this genre so visceral and incredible. They released a handful of EP’s and splits in their time, all of which was initially compiled in 2004, but released again in 2005 to include releases from the previous year. In addition, their final release was an incredible split between them and Louise Cyphre, which is highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Post Student Syndrome
2. Copycat
3. Robot Wars
4. …And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out
5. Written In Some Depressive Mood
6. Encounters
7. You Know So Well
8. Fuel
9. In Existence
10. The Kids Shouldn’t Be Playing With Fire
11. Tekila
12. Attitude
13. Dead Men
14. Morning Wood
15. Utopia Dismantled
16. The Last Thing
17. Biela
18. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken)
19. Ons Land
20. Nieuwe Politiek #1
21. Tijd Was Ons Niet Zo Goed Gezind
22. Nieuwe Politiek #2
23. Laatste Halte

1. Louise Cyphre – Laut, Langsam
2. Louise Cyphre – Rendezvous With Tommy Gun
3. Louise Cyphre – 1000 Und Eine Nacht Der Lebenden Toten
4. Louise Cyphre – Poor Little Boy Stuffed In Drag/The Negative Energy Spectrum
5. Shikari – Verloren bij aanvang
6. Shikari – God Zij Geprezen
7. Shikari – Overwegingen
8. Shikari – Nooit te stoppen

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