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Featuring Mr. Airplane man, The Cavemen, Thee Dagger Debs, Iguana death cult, Ploegendienst, The Filthtones & Network 76

By Carmen Guillen


There’s something about the summer that makes us feel raucous, so what better time to attend Sleazefest, the irreverent rock ‘n’ roll party with more ripped fishnet tights than you can shake a stick at.

Past Sleazefest events have been full of bodies hanging from the rafters, sweaty guitar strings, outlandish tattoos, and beer which froths all over the room from the erotic partying.

This night may leave you wondering:

Who is that soothsayer reading your fortune in the bottom of a stray shoe?
Who is that man wearing sunglasses inside?
Where did that stripper come from?
Who are these people writhing on the floor?
Is that my future wife crowd surfing in a chicken suit?

All these questions and more can be answered by attending Sleazefest this year, which is conveniently placed on the beach in Ijmuiden, where you can stumble back to your tent and fling off your sandy knickers.


On the dance floor you will be able to find the likes of homegrown Iguana Death Cult and the enigmatic growlings of The Cavemen. With women well represented this year, Bostonian blues punk goddesses Mr. Airplane man and punk-rock power trio Thee Dagger Debs will be able to inject the crowd with enough energy not to drop you when you are crowd surfing in your latex onesie.

So hold on to your hats, keep the tequila flowing, wear condoms, and we’ll see you on 7th July.


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