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Sleeper – Preparing Today For Tomorrow’s Breakdown (1994) CD Album

Band: Sleeper (3)

Album: Preparing Today For Tomorrow's Breakdown

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Emo Hardcore

Label: Excursion Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 24 Tracks CD Album

Original name for Serpico (3), an emo influenced hardcore band from Staten Island, New York - USA.

After a few releases as Sleeper, the band was offered $125,000 for the exclusive US rights to the name by a UK-based band of the same name, Sleeper (2). The US Sleeper accepted the offer, and changed its name to Serpico.


24 Tracks
1 Fade1:53
2 Serpico2:15
3 Convince Us4:01
4 Snow Day2:22
5 Rain2:10
6 Piss It Out2:05
7 Dysphoria Ends2:48
8 Forgiveness3:15
9 Euphoria Begins2:17
10 Helen/Reason3:11
11 Stay Here2:38
12 Spray The Source3:29
13 Long Shot2:40
14 Free Mind1:38
15 Stand Up2:41
16 Danny Generation2:45
17 Blockade2:15
18 Right To Die3:36
19 10 Miles2:09
20 Temporary Ticket2:41
21 Canadian Kid2:49
22 Less From More2:01
23 That Was Us3:09
24 Ch. 6 NY0:59

℗ 1994 LSR Records, Inc.

Tracks 1 to 12 recorded 12/29/93 - 1/04/94 at Bippy's Happy Kitchen - Staten Island, NY.

Tracks 13 to 22 previously Released on the Sleeper (3) - Time And Tide LP on 42 Records.

Tracks 23 and 24 previously Released on the Sleeper (3) - More Or Less 7" EP on Mugglewump Records.

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