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Band Name: Slick Shoes

Music Album: Rusty

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 16 Tracks CD Album

Skate punk rock band from Antelope Valley, California. Their name comes from the 1985 movie, The Goonies, 'slick shoes' being one of the character Data's many gadgets. Formed in 1994 and then the band was on an "indefinite hiatus", that ended on March 1, 2008, when they played first show back together. It took place at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.


16 Tracks
1 Feeble1:44
2 Cliche2:41
3 Regrets2:56
4 Rusty2:47
5 Joe's Sick1:48
6 Proved Me Wrong2:03
7 Father Son Picnic1:53
8 Losing Sight3:23
9 Fall2:47
10 Walk Out1:53
11 Bounce1:49
12 Last3:09
13 By What Right1:45
14 Tired Of You2:07
15 What Happens Next2:26
16 Represent2:32

Tracked at Razor's Edge, San Francisco.
Vocals tracked at West Beach, Hollywood.

© 1997 We Own Your Songs Publishing (SESAC)

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