With little due care to health, safety and musical ability  So Messed Up aka Serve The Servants brought their take on punk rock to the stages of several Music Venues in the North Herts Area during the early 90’s. Think Nirvana and The Damned…. (the names give that away) and you will have no idea what these guys (Jason Dare / Keith Piggot) gal (Gill Bickell) and a drum machine (Dr Bondage) sounded like, which was….well pretty stripped back basic and primal there were Rottenesq vocals over a rudimentary guitar drone, bass plod and a drum machine that sounded like a brick in a washing machine. But Hey Ho! this is Punk Rock and who gives a fuck, this bunch certainly didn’t, and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah it wasn’t the most together or tuneful stuff but it was real, played with passion and it had a heartbeat. The enthusiasm and amateur ability made it all the more authentic and 100% pure Punk Rock, or alternatively it was shit, opinion was divided, but when Serve The Servants (in)famously supported Jeff Buckley at Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage, the man himself whilst watching the band was heard to say “Who are these people?” and someone from Big Cat Records was mildly interested/entertained. Fast forward to now, and Jason Dare has lovingly issued the recordings that So Messed Up aka Serve The Servants made in 1993, plus some new material he’s recorded on CD. Contact the man himself for a copy via email at: [email protected]

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