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So Much Hate – How We Feel (1987) Vinyl Album LP

Band: So Much Hate

Album: How We Feel

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: X-Port Plater

Release Country: Norway

Record Type: 16 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Hardcore Punk band from Oslo, Norway active in 1986-1996

Gunnar Nuven – Vocals
Børre Løvik – Guitar
Per Arne Haugen – Bass
Finn Erik Tangen – Drums

16 Tracks
A1 Skyggesiden
A2 Du Aleine
A3 Blinded
A4 How We Feel
A5 One Step Closer
A6 How Could It Be Worse Before
A7 Screams
A8 We Can't Change The Past
B1 Green Walls Of Power
B2 Double Standards
B3 Apathy
B4 Til Lykke Med Dagen
B5 Tanker Fra Et Menneske
B6 Do You Really Care
B7 Tortur
B8 Wake Up

Recorded and mixed at Oslo Recording in Spring/Summer 1987.

Includes 12 inch by 24 inch, folded lyric/art/photo/thanks/credits insert. Some copies also included a So Much Hate sticker.

Track B7 is not printed on the back cover or label, but it's lyrics are printed on the insert. Insert reads "This track was unfortunately left behind when we made the cover..."

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