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Download Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – City Slang (2022) CD Album Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Sonic's Rendezvous Band

Music Album: City Slang

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Garage Rock Hard Rock

Record Label: Mack Aborn Rhythmic Arts, L.L.C.

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks CD Album

Rock band from Ann Arbor that existed from 1974 to 1980 and has just one single during their lifetime. Also appears as Sonic's Rendez Vous Band and Sonic's Rendezvous. Often referred to as a rock "super group" since some band members formerly played in legendary Detroit rock bands like the MC5, The Stooges and The Rationals.

Fred Sonic Smith (Guitar, Vocals)
Gary Rasmussen (Bass, Vocals) (1976-80)
Ron Cooke (Bass, Vocals) (1974-75)
Scott "Rock Action" Asheton (Drums)
Scott Morgan (Vocals, Guitar)

14 Tracks
1 City Slang (1999 Mix)5:18
2 So Sincerely Yours5:29
3 Step By Step3:53
4 Clock With No Hands5:09
5 Heaven4:06
6 Goin' Bye8:16
7 You're So Great3:35
8 Earthy3:30
9 Thrill4:59
10 Detroit Tango4:15
11 Gone With The Dogs7:18
12 Sweet Little Sixteen3:43
13-1 City Slang (1978 Orchide Single Version)5:12
13-2 Sweet Nothin' Jam Session

"Goin' Bye" dedicated to the late John Foldvary Jr., USMC, Lincoln Park, MI
Special appreciation to Patti and the Smith families.

Track 13-2 is hidden track.

Track 1 and 13 recorded at Artie Fields Studio, Detroit, Nov. 1977-Sept. 1978
Tracks 2,3,7,8 and 10 recorded at Bookie's Club 870, Detroit, 2/3/79
Track 9 recorded at Bookie's Club 870, Detroit, 2/2/79
Tracks 4 and 5 recorded at the Palace Theater, Cleveland, 6/23/79
Tracks 6 and 11 recorded at the Second Chance, Ann Arbor, 10/23/79
Track 12 recorded at the Second Chance, date unknown

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