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Sophie shares video for “It’s Okay to Cry”, her first new solo material in two years: Watch

London pop innovator Sophie has stayed busy collaborating with the likes of Vince Staples and Charli XCX over the last few years, but she’s now returned with her first solo material since 2015’s excellent Product. The shimmering, amorphous “It’s Okay to Cry” arrives with an accompanying video that presents Sophie as herself for the very first time.

Sophie sings against a kaleidoscopic variety of landscapes in the video, which culminates with a cathartic thunderstorm that reflects the song’s swirling conclusion. As the title implies, it’s a strikingly vulnerable song, with Sophie’s lithe vocals singing, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way / But I think your inside is your best side.” Watch it above.

“The song and video flesh out unseen sides of Sophie, touched on in previous releases and diverse production works and now taking new and unexpected forms,” reads a statement sent to press.

“It’s Okay to Cry” will be available for purchase and streaming on October 23rd, and the next day you catch her “newly imagined” show at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles’ Open Beta: SOPHIE Live Debut.

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