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Download Sore Throat – And We Don’t Care (2022) CD Remastered Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Sore Throat

Music Album: And We Don't Care

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Noisecore Grindcore Hardcore

Record Label: Weasel Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 99 Tracks CD Remastered

Sore Throat was a crust-punk/grind/noise/hardcore band out of Huddersfield and Birmingham, England, formed in 1987. They are known for being one of the earliest exponents of the grindcore subgenre known as "noisecore".

99 Tracks
Part One: Never Mind The Napalm...
1 Channel Zero Reality3:15
2 Man's Hate0:40
3 Bio-Hazard0:26
4 We'll March Against The Nazis1:19
5 Kill Your Idols0:36
6 Red Threat0:51
7 Against Authority0:46
8 Insecurity/Maturity0:46
9 Dreamscape0:15
10 Something That Never Was2:53
11 Slave Labour0:51
12 The Kill(ing)0:11
13 Upheaval0:30
14 Knuckle Under0:24
15 Napalm Attack0:15
16 Silver Kerching2:33
Part Two: Unhindered By Talent
17 Horrendous Cut-Throat System1:23
18 Straight Head (Narrow Mind)0:26
19 Alchoholics Unanimous1:31
20 King Of Thrash0:12
21 Rock 'N' Roll Colostamy0:16
22 Horrendous Slaughter0:45
23 Smash The Clique0:12
24 Hang Norman Tebbit / Invasion Of The Amerikaan HC Clones1:01
25 Eat Organic0:11
26 War Is Horrendous1:23
27 Fuck The Poll Tax0:29
28 Filthchain1:24
29 The Mole Catcher2:06
30 Laurel And Hardy0:05
31 Billy Milano's Head0:14
32 Horrendously Mutilated1:02
33 Dominated By Fear0:11
34 Noise Not War / Three Seconds Long1:42
35 Shit For Brains0:15
36 Our Leaders' Horrendous Policies0:25
37 Consumer Terrorism0:19
38 Unhindered By Talent1:17
39 Heath0:05
40 In Their Hypocrisy They'll Probably Sue Us2:03
41 Toxic Existence0:22
42 Fucking Horrendous0:12
43 Positive Drinking Attitude0:12
44 The Crossover (Is Over) / Straights0:39
45 You're Next0:10
46 Burn The Goths0:31
47 (D.R.I.) Dead Rich Individuals0:51
48 Untitled0:05
49 Sticks Underware / Exploited0:14
50 Two Horrendous Nuclear Arsenals0:37
51 Bonded By Booze0:17
52 (M.D.C.) More Damn Capitalists1:21
53 Yankees Go Home0:16
54 Go Away / Hammy's Ego0:05
55 Musical Genits / Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes0:33
56 C.B.C.0:04
57 A Bow To Capital2:48
58 Face Up To It0:05
59 Genit Jonny0:08
60 Iron Lung0:56
61 Rememberance1:21
62 B.N.F.L. Go To Hell1:07
63 D.B.D.0:17
Part Three: Death To Capitalist Hardcore
64 Intro (Rapist Die)0:13
65 War System0:53
66 D.T.C.H.C.0:20
67 Sacrilege (To The Scene)0:13
68 Vac Head0:07
69 Pesticide Death0:10
70 Process Of Elimination / Trenchfoot0:19
71 F.S.A. Pt II0:04
72 Satan's Radish / Fungiscidal Tendencies / R.O.T.0:32
73 Only The Dead0:11
74 Bomb The Whitehouse0:27
75 Environmental Suicide1:07
76 Broken Brains / D.Y.W.R.0:19
77 Devoid Of Compassion0:13
78 Go Home0:06
79 Attack Of The English Cowboy Punks / D.F.W.H.0:09
80 Wehr-Crap0:24
81 I.S.R.0:09
82 Bloody Hardcore0:11
83 Virus0:04
84 Disappearing Mark0:10
85 No Room To Talk0:20
86 Stage Dive (Victim Of A)0:33
87 I.C.I. Fuck Off And Die1:51
88 Thrash Against Facism0:14
89 Backflip Blast0:23
90 Yo Barman! / Social Genocide0:42
91 D.R.I. (E.M.I)0:08
92 Born Again Christian0:12
93 Utterly Tuneless0:42
94 MFN (Music For Nobheads)0:57
95 Lynch The Cops / Scream Bloody Trout0:24
96 Life0:13
97 Join The Army0:06
98 The Ballad Of Billy Milano / Passage Of Time1:06
99 Can You Dig It?1:29

This CD compiles Sore Throat's first EP "Death To Capitalist Hardcore", their first LP "Unhindered By Talent" and their (then) latest LP "Never Mind The Napalm... Here's Sore Throat".

Tracks 1-16 licensed from Manic Ears Records UK.
Tracks 17-99 licensed from Meantime Records UK.

Due to limitations of audio CDs, there's only 99 physical tracks on the CD.

Tracks 1-10 recorded February 1989 at Lion Studios
Tracks 11-16 recorded May 1989 at Lion Studios


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