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Sore Throat – Unhindered By Talent (1988) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Sore Throat

Album: Unhindered By Talent

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Grindcore Hardcore Noisecore

Label: Meantime Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 52 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Noisecore/grindcore/sludge band from the UK.


52 Tracks
Side Punk
A1 Horrendous Cut-Throat System
A2 Straight Head (Narrow Mind)
A3 Alchoholics Unanimous
A4 King Of Thrash
A5 Rock'N'Roll Colostamy
A6 Horrendous Slaughter
A7 Smash The Clique
A8 Hang Norman Tebbit
A9 Invasion Of The Amerikaan HC Clones
A10 Eat Organic
A11 War Is Horrendous
A12 Fuck The Poll Tax
A13 Filthchain
A14 The Mole Catcher
A15 Laurel And Hardy
A16 Billy Milanos Head
A17 Horrendously Mutilated
A18 Dominated By Fear
A19 Noise Not War
A20 Three Seconds Long
A21 Shit For Brains
A22 Our Leaders Horrendous Policies
A23 Consumer Terrorisim
A24 Unhindered By Talent
A25 Heath
A26 In Their Hypocrisy, They'll Probably Sue Us
Side Drunk
B1 Toxic Existance
B2 Fucking Horrendous
B3 Positive Drinking Attitude
B4 The Crossover (Is Over)
B5 Straights
B6 Your Next
B7 Burn The Goths
B8 (D.R.I.) Dead Rich Individuals
B9 Sticks Underwear
B10 Exploited
B11 Two Horrendous Nuclear Arsenals
B12 Bonded By Booze
B13 (M.D.C.) More Damn Capitalists
B14 Yankees Go Home
B15 Go Away
B16 Hammys Ego
B17 Musical Genits
B18 Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes
B19 C.B.C.
B20 A Bow To Capital
B21 Face Up To It
B22 Genit Jonny
B23 Iron Lung
B24 Rememberance
B25 B.N.F.L. Go To Hell
B26 D.B.D.

Recorded at Lion, Leeds, 11th + 12th Sept.

©+℗ 1988, So There!

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