The Oppressed - totally oppressed
Tagada Jones

Appalachian Terror Unit
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The Mob - No doves fly here / We never asked for war
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Reagan Youth
The Oppressed - lion city skinheads


Soulside were a four-piece punk/post-hardcore band from Washington, DC that began in 1985 and disbanded in 1989. They were originally known as Lunch Meat before changing their name in 1986. They are one of the many classic punk bands to emerge from DC in the late 80’s, and were of course affiliated with the legendary Dischord Records. Sonically, they took the energy of hardcore and fused it with melodic vocals and instrumentation, similar to what their contemporaries such as Dag Nasty, Embrace, Gray Matter, and Ignition were doing. They released three LP’s and a 7″, as well as an early split under their original name. Less Deep Inside Keeps was their debut album, while the Trigger LP, Bass 103 7″, and Hot Bodi-Gram LP were all released on a single compilation in 1990, Soon Come Happy. Enjoy.

1. Mission Impossible – Helpless
2. Mission Impossible – Now I’m Alone
3. Mission Impossible – Into Your Shell
4. Lunch Meat – Looking Around
5. Lunch Meat – No Need
6. Lunch Meat – Under The Glare

1. Pearl To Stone
2. One Step Higher
3. Walking
4. Don’t Let Me Down
5. You’ve Heard It Before
6. Over And Out
7. I Find The Other Side
8. In Days To Come
9. Dreams
10. X-Lion Tamer
11. Fresh Air

1. Baby
2. Trigger
3. Name In Mind
4. Problems Faced When Traveling
5. War
6. K.T.T.K.
7. Pocket Hurts
8. Forgiveness
9. Bass
10. 103
11. Otherside
12. God City
13. What
14. Punch The Geek
15. Clifton Wall
16. New Slow Fucky
17. Pembroke
18. Hate Music
19. New Fast Fucky
20. Kill
21. Bad Show
22. A Love Supreme

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