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I don’t think a week has gone by where I haven’t got a request for these guys, so I finally did myself a favour and checked them out. And god damn, I have been missing out. Spanish Love Songs are a five-piece punk/indie band from Los Angeles, California that began in 2014. They play a similar style of catchy but visceral punk rock in the vein of bands like The Menzingers and Captain, We’re Sinking. The vocals shout and tremble every word like it’s their last, the lead guitars keep things melodic while the rhythm section pumps out enough energy to fuel a city.

Their most recent LP, Schmaltz consists of banger after banger, with catchy choruses and lyrics that hit home. Each track is perfectly paced with enough dynamic change-ups to keep them interesting, and the opening and closing tracks are perfect bookends, with the final track “Aloha To No One” living up to its name as a barstool anthem. Thus far I’ve only listened to their debut LP, but am looking forward to their earlier material, and will think twice before glossing over heavily requested bands like this again. Enjoy.

1. Bad Day
2. Nervous People
3. Concrete
4. Dying
5. Mexico
6. Vermont
7. Friends
8. Remainder
9. Stranger
10. Bright Day

1. Sad Songs
2. For Ruby
3. Check Your Hair
4. Stranger (Acoustic)
5. Concrete (Demo)
6. Nervous People (Demo)
7. Vermont (Demo)
8. Bright Day (Demo)
9. Roosevelt (Demo)

1. Buffalo Buffalo
2. The Boy Considers His Haircut
3. Hot Faucet Cold Faucet
1. Nuevo
2. Sequels, Remakes, & Adaptations
3. Bellyache
4. Buffalo Buffalo
5. Otis/Carl
6. The Boy Considers His Haircut
7. El Nino Considers His Failuers
8. Joana, In Five Acts
9. Beer & NyQuil (Hold It Together)
10. It’s Not Interesting
11. Aloha to No One

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