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Band Name: Spermbirds

Music Album: Thanks - Live

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Dead Eye Productions

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

German Hardcore Punk band from Rodenbach (near Kaiserslautern), formed in 1983. The band first split up in 1987, but re-formed again in 1989. The band then split up again in 1996, and was eventually re-formed by Lee Hollis in 1999.

Lee Hobson Hollis (vocals)
Steve Wiles (guitar)
Roger Ingenthron (guitar)
Markus Weilemann (bass)
Matthias "Beppo" Götte (drums)

Past members:
Frank Rahm (guitar 1983 - 2007)
Ken Haus (vocals 1993 - 1995)
Joe Strübe (guitar 1983 - 1985)

14 Tracks
A1 Something To Prove
A2 Common Thread
A3 Nothing Is Easy
A4 Stronger
A5 Two Feet
A6 Kill Me Quick
A7 With A Gun
B1 Get On The Stage
B2 The Dangers Of Thinking
B3 Only A Phase
B4 You're Not A Punk
B5 Americans Are Cool
B6 Texas Cowboy
B7 Try Again

The songs were recorded live in Berlin and Espelkamp.

They were mixed in Dead Eye Studios.

It's all live with no overdubs, so if you hear any mistakes, that's why.

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