Stark Raving Mad – Amerika (1988) Vinyl LP

Band: Stark Raving Mad

Album: Amerika

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 32 Tracks Vinyl LP

American hardcore / punk band from Houston, Texas.

32 Tracks
A1 Are You Sleeping0:18
A2 Take A Stand0:49
A3 Social Sickness0:47
A4 Judge & Jury1:16
A5 Piss On You0:35
A6 Racist Pig0:42
A7 The Price Ain't Right0:27
A8 No Reason (New Version)0:20
A9 S.O.S.1:15
A10 Bloodclot2:50
A11 Greedy, Greezy Bastard0:57
A12 Politishit1:15
A13 Set Them Free0:51
A14 Fuck The Army (New Version)0:55
A15 Ignorance's Day1:15
B1 Choice0:16
B2 Chaos0:23
B3 Problem1:09
B4 Happy People0:22
B5 Rapist1:05
B6 Waking Up Is Hard To Do0:45
B7 Capitalist Cunts0:28
B8 Mr. Hardcore0:37
B9 Machine Gun Youth0:37
B10 Down And Out0:20
B11 Oppression / Depression0:37
B12 No Reason0:16
B13 Fuck The Army0:32
B14 Somebody's Watching1:08
B15 Life Or Death0:17
B16 Chaos (New Version)0:23
B17 Mr. Hardcore (New Version)0:36

This is the regular pressing on black vinyl, there is also a limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl.
Reissue of both the "Amerika" LP (tracks A1-A15) and the "MX" 12" (tracks B1-B15) with 2 bonus tracks (B16, B17)

STARK RAVING MAD information: Slob Records [40 Rivington St. No. 8, New York, N.Y. 10002 USA]

Recorded October 12, 1985 at Rampart Studio, Houston, Texas
Made in West-Germany

Timing for A10 indicated on cover back is not correct. Correct timing is 0:52.

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