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Stickmen With Rayguns – Some People Deserve To Suffer (2022) CD Album

Band: Stickmen With Rayguns

Album: Some People Deserve To Suffer

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Emperor Jones

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 23 Tracks CD Album

American punk band formed in Dallas, Texas in the spring of 1981 and disbanded in June of 1988.


23 Tracks
1 Christian Rat Attack3:12
2 Grave City4:25
3 What Am I?3:48
4 Have I Got A God For You Pt. 11:01
5 Satan Baby3:08
6 Scavenger Of Death4:55
7 Kill The Innocent3:16
8 I'll Kill Mother4:09
9 I Am The One4:04
10 Buttfuckers (Try To Run My Life)2:46
11 1000 Lives (To Die)3:11
12 Enemy Enemy2:27
13 Have I Got A God For You Pt. 20:49
14 Nazi Cowboys (On Welfare)2:49
15 Hate In The '80s (Learn To)3:38
16 Swastikas For Christ3:31
17 I'd Rather Throw Up Than Grow Up1:08
18 Pee Pee In The Disco Mommy (I Gotta)5:02
19 Hymn For The Fallen Angel4:18
20 Twin Toed Double Down Son Of The Devil4:23
21 Have I Got A God For You (Reprise)4:50
22 Grave City3:23
23 Baby Now!1:54

Info from the label: "Eleven-years-in-the-making compilation of the best songs by Texas' finest (and sadly under-documented) punk rock bands. Lead singer Bobby Soxx is no longer with us but lived through being shot and stabbed and could have buried clowns like GG Allin with one scowl. SPDTS includes multi-track live songs, studio recordings, crappy live cassette recordings, and everything in between, and the fancy package includes many essays, song by song analysis, and dozens of photos. Evil, surly, snarling like a hungover Irishman...this may be the one to nudge Tipper back into activism. Crack a beer, slap a dick and learn to hate the 80s all over again. 23 songs, 76 minutes."

Rated 4.5/5 based on 107 customer reviews

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