Stiff Little Fingers – Hope Street / Greatest Hits Live In The UK (1999) CD Album CD

Band: Stiff Little Fingers

Album: Hope Street / Greatest Hits Live In The UK

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Reggae New Wave Power Pop Reggae-Pop

Label: Oxygen Records (3)

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 24 Tracks CD Album CD

Northern irish Punk band formed around 1977 with the original members being Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Henry Cluney & Brian Faloon. This version of the band recorded their first LP "Inflammable Material" which included their signature songs about life in Belfast, "Alternative Ulster", "Suspect Device" and "Wasted Life" but also a musically bold reworking of Bob Marley's "Johnny Was" Moving to London in 1979, the band lost Brian Faloon who was replaced on drums by Jim Reilly. They recorded the LP "Nobody's Heroes" for Chrysalis, an LP which was poppier than "Inflammable Material" but continued exploring similar themes. A cover of the Specials "Doesn't Make It Alright" was included, less successfully than "Johnny Was". "Nobody's Heroes" was followed by the pure power pop of the LPs "Go For It" and "Now Then" (featuring new drummer Dolphin Taylor, previously of the Tom Robinson Band )which failed to satisfy their fans, and the live LP "Hanx". In 1983 the band decided to call it a day In 1987, Burns reformed the band with McMordie, Cluney and Taylor. When McMordie left in 1990, he was replaced on bass by Bruce Foxton, previously of The Jam. McMordie rejoined the b (...)

24 Tracks
CD1-1 Bulletproof4:31
CD1-2 All I Need5:04
CD1-3 Be Seeing You2:56
CD1-4 You Can Get It3:08
CD1-5 Half A Life Away4:07
CD1-6 No Faith3:47
CD1-7 Tantalise3:18
CD1-8 Hope Street3:33
CD1-9 Last Train4:52
CD1-10 What Does It Take4:49
CD1-11 All The Rest3:16
CD1-12 Honeyed Words3:34
CD2-1 Suspect Device2:30
CD2-2 Alternative Ulster3:19
CD2-3 Johnny Was7:44
CD2-4 At The Edge3:03
CD2-5 Fly The Flag3:57
CD2-6 Tin Soldiers4:42
CD2-7 Roots, Radics, Rockers & Reggae3:39
CD2-8 Silver Lining3:22
CD2-9 Wasted Life2:58
CD2-10 No Laughing Matter3:02
CD2-11 Straw Dogs3:11
CD2-12 Barbed Wire Love4:14

"Straw Dogs" and "Barbed Wire Love" are not included in the main tracklisting. A sticker on the packaging lists them as "special bonus tracks".

Rated 4.5/5 based on 28 customer reviews

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