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Subhumans – Worlds Apart (1985) CD Album

Band: Subhumans

Album: Worlds Apart

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Bluurg Records

Release Country: UK & Europe

Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Album

Long-standing punk rock band from the United Kingdom. Formed in 1980, the band broke up in 1986 but then got back together in 1999 for a reunion tour, after which they continued to tour. Members were also active in Citizen Fish and Culture Shock. Originally the band went under the name Subhuman but changed their name to Subhumans within their first year together.

Not to be confused with the early Canadian punk band The Subhumans from Vancouver, British Columbia.


15 Tracks
1 333221:21
2 British Disease2:40
3 Heads Of State2:30
4 Apathy2:43
5 Fade Away2:55
6 Businessmen2:02
7 Someone Is Lying4:24
8 Pigman2:32
9 Can't Hear The Words1:52
10 Get To Work On Time3:05
11 Carry On Laughing3:15
12 Straightline Thinking2:55
13 Ex-Teenage Rebel4:40
14 Powergames3:33
15 333221:59

Recorded and mixed at Woodlands studios Castleford, 10-16 April 85.

Partly remixed at Southern studios,

19-20 August 85.

Total playing time: 42:00.

Made In France.

Words/Music Β© Subhumans

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