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Superchunk – Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) (1992) Vinyl LP

Band: Superchunk

Album: Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Indie Rock

Label: Merge Records

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 13 Tracks Vinyl LP

American indie-Rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, formed in 1989.
Mac McCaughan (Vocals & Guitar)
Jim Wilbur (Guitar)
Laura Ballance (Bass)
Jon Wurster (Drums)

13 Tracks
A1 What Do I2:20
A2 My Noise2:39
A3 Train From Kansas City3:31
A4 Slack Motherfucker2:55
A5 Night Creatures2:32
A6 Garlic4:11
A7 Fishing2:18
B8 Cool3:36
B9 The Breadman2:52
B10 Cast Iron4:06
B11 Seed Toss3:01
B12 It's So Hard To Fall In Love2:02
B13 Brand New Love3:02

All tracks recorded at Duck Kee Studios, Raleigh, NC, US, except B11 recorded at Chicago Recording Company.

Limited to 3000 copies on red vinyl.

Continuous track-numbering as on the release.

Tracks A1 to A3 originally appeared on the 7" EP What Do I (MRG004), December, 1989.

Tracks A4 and A5 originally appeared on a 7" Slack Motherfucker (MRG007), May, 1990.

Track A6 originally appeared on the split 7" Various - Three's Company (SMR2.33), August, 1990.

Tracks A7 an B8 originally appeared on the 7" Fishing (MRG014), February, 1991.

Tracks B9 and B10 originally appeared on the 7" The Breadman (OLE 26), July, 1991.

Tracks B11 to B13 originally appeared on the 7" The Freed Seed (MRG018), September, 1991. (The Sebadoh cover "I Believe In Fate" of said EP is not included on this compilation)

Track A3 originally performed by The Shangri-Las.

Track A5 originally performed by The Flys (2).

Tracks B12 and B13 originally performed by Sebadoh.

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