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The Adverts – Cast Of Thousands – The Ultimate Edition (1979) CD

Band: The Adverts

Album: Cast Of Thousands - The Ultimate Edition

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock New Wave

Label: The Devils Own Jukebox

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 30 Tracks CD

The Adverts were an English punk band who formed in 1976 and broke up in late 1979. They were one of the first punk bands to enjoy chart success in the UK; their 1977 single "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" reached No. 18 in the UK Singles Chart. The Virgin Encyclopedia of 70s Music described bassist Gaye Advert as the "first female punk star".

30 Tracks
Disc 1 - Cast Of Thousands
1.1 Cast Of Thousands5:26
1.2 The Adverts3:06
1.3 My Place2:49
1.4 Male Assault2:26
1.5 Television's Over3:17
1.6 Fate Of Criminals3:09
1.7 Love Songs2:27
1.8 I Surrender3:02
1.9 I Looked At The Sun4:15
1.10 I Will Walk You Home4:04
1.11 Television's Over (Single Version)3:20
1.12 Back From The Dead1:41
Disc 2 - The Complete Adverts Radio Sessions
2.1 One Chord Wonders2:30
2.2 Bored Teenagers1:53
2.3 Gary Gilmore's Eyes2:17
2.4 Newboys3:20
2.5 Quickstep3:19
2.6 We Who Wait2:04
2.7 New Church2:33
2.8 Safety In Numbers3:22
2.9 Great British Mistake3:33
2.10 Fate Of Criminals3:09
2.11 Television's Over3:22
2.12 Love Songs2:35
2.13 Back From The Dead1:39
2.14 I Surrender3:07
2.15 The Adverts3:18
2.16 I Looked At The Sun4:28
2.17 Cast Of Thousands4:59
2.18 I Will Walk You Home4:43

The album is subtitled "The Ultimate Collection" on the front, but "The Ultimate Edition" on the back and on the spine.

CD1: Cast Of Thousands - The Ultimate Edition
Remastered edition of the 1979 LP The Adverts - Cast Of Thousands, with two bonus tracks from The Adverts - Television's Over / Back From The Dead single.
CD2: The Complete Adverts Radio Sessions:
Tracks 1-5 John Peel Show April 29, 1977; Tracks 6-9 John Peel Show August 30, 1977; Tracks 10-14 John Peel Show September 11, 1978; Tracks 15-18 John Peel Show November 12, 1979

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