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Band Name: The Apostles (3)

Music Album: The Curse Of The Creature

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Folk Rock

Record Label: Scum Records (2)

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 6 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP


The Apostles were an experimental post-punk band who developed within the confines of the 1980s Anarcho Punk scene in the UK, but did not necessarily adhere to the aesthetics of that movement.

Although the core of the group remained stable, Andy Martin and Dave Fanning were joined by various members over their 10 year span. Variation was also key in music styles as they varied from pop to punk to industrial through to pure experimentation, with influences like The Velvet Underground, The Adverts, Alternative TV, Lemon Kittens, The Pop Group and Twelve Cubic Feet cited.

Although highly critical of the seemingly inward looking anarchist movement of the times, the autonomous and libertarian approach of The Apostles seemed to portray classic anarchism, as opposed to the conformity of many of their contemporaries. This led to much respect from notable members of the original anarcho-punk movement such as Crass with whom the band co-operated during the squatting of the Zig-Zag Club and running of the (Wapping) Anarchy Centre and (Westbourne Park) Centro Iberico venues, and Conflict who released a single and album by The Apostles on their Mortarhate label.

Originally formed in 1980 by William Corbett, Julian Portinari, Dan MacIntyre and Pete Bynghall, the band came into its own when Andy Martin joined to contribute lead vocals and lyrics. Shortly afterwards he was joined by Dave Fanning, ex (...)

6 Tracks
Side Jim
A1 Blind Discrimination2:50
A2 Kings Cross Etc.3:20
A3 Stumped!2:12
Side Opel
B1 The Innocent Bystander1:10
B2 The Creature3:54
B3 The Curse3:45

Recorded at Recession Studios, Hackney, London E9.

A1: Lyrics (C)1983, Music (C)1981.

A2: Lyrics (C)1982, Music (C)1980.

A3 (instrumental): Music (C)1983.

B1 (instrumental): Music (C)1980.

B2: Lyrics (C)1983, Music (C)1980.

B3: Lyrics (C)1983, Music (C)1982.

Side One - 8'22"

Side Two - 8'49"

This is the 3rd EP of The Apostles. Comes with gatefold cover and 4 foldout inserts.

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