The Ataris – Look Forward To Failure (1998) CD EP

Band: The Ataris

Album: Look Forward To Failure

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop Rock

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 6 Tracks CD EP

The Ataris are an American pop punk band from Anderson, Indiana. They have released five studio albums, and their most recent E.P. was released on November 25, 2010 on the Gainesville, Florida based label, Paper + Plastick. It contained two new tracks entitled "All Souls' Day" and "The Graveyard of The Atlantic". The band has said they are going to release a new album titled The Graveyard of the Atlantic, however the release date and status of the album is unknown, as it has been delayed since 2009. Kung Fu Records (1995–2002) Formed in 1995, the band originally consisted of singer, songwriter, guitarist Kris Roe and guitarist Jasin Thomason. Using a 4-track, Kris wrote and recorded demos in his bedroom, using a drum machine while he searched for a full-time drummer. The band's first big break came in 1996 when Kris attended a show at the club Bogart's in Cincinnati, where Jasin passed one of the band's demo tapes to a roadie from the band. The roadie gave the tape to Joe Escalante, bassist from the band The Vandals who owned their own label, Kung Fu Records. A few weeks later, Roe received a call from Kung Fu Records, who told him they were interested in putting out their record, even though he was really only searching for a drummer. The Ataris signed to Kung Fu and the label passed the tape along to various drummers. Eventually, Roe decided upon ex-Lagwagon drummer Derrick Plourde. The band then proceeded to record their debut album (...)

6 Tracks
1 San Dimas High School Football Rules2:45
2 Not A Worry In The World2:22
3 My So Called Life2:41
4 My Hotel Year2:18
5 Between You And Me2:37
6 That Special Girl1:55

"My Hotel Year" was inspired by the book "Life After God" by Douglas Coupland
Tracks 2, 3, 4 & 6 Recorded and Mixed at The Blasting Room, Ft Colins, CO., September 14th-18th, 1998
Tracks 1 & 5 recorded at Orange Whip Studios in Santa Barbara, CA

"San Dimas High School Football Rules" and "That Special Girl" are from the upcoming album "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits"

The Ataris appear courtesy of Kung Fu Records

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