The Blue Ontario

The Blue Ontario were a four-piece alternative/indie band from Denver, Colorado that were around briefly from 1997 to 1999. They were formed by members of the incredible Christie Front Drive and Crestfallen. In their time, they put out one split and one EP (although I could only find the EP, and next to no trace of the split). The band were fairly progressive, crafting drawn-out songs featuring melodic vocals, astral keyboards, and noisy, effects-laden guitars that come close to shoegaze/dream pop territory. Similar to Christie Front Drive, their songs build and fall, covering a lot of ground in the 5+ minutes they last. Though The Blue Ontario are nearly as heralded as their previous work, they put out a solid EP nonetheless. Enjoy.

1. Lost Astronaut
2. Twenty Three
3. Permanent Wave
4. Halo

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