THE BUSINESS – Suburban Rebels 1983

Welcome May and we say Hello! with a classic, the spledid debut album by The Business on Secret Records (original called Loud, Proud and Punk but the master tapes for the album went missing after disagreements between the band’s label and the studio, forcing them to re-record the album, which was released as Suburban Rebels in May 1983). Formed 1979 in Lewisham by school friends Steven (‘Steve’) Kent (guitar), Michael Fitzsimons (‘Micky Fitz’) (vocals), Nicholas (‘Nick’) Cunningham (drums) and Martin Smith (bass) and I think they were one of the first bands which characterize the “Oi!” sound vehemently and consistently. By 2008, eleven albums were released, numerous singles and many compilation tracks. The Business are still popular I think and their music is first cream in my opinion.

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