The Damned – Eternally Damned: The Very Best Of The Damned (1994) CD

Band: The Damned

Album: Eternally Damned: The Very Best Of The Damned

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock New Wave

Label: Music Collection International (MCI)

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 20 Tracks CD

English punk band formed in 1976 by Dave Vanian (vocals), Brian James (guitar), Ray Burns aka Captain Sensible (bass then guitar), and Chris Millar aka Rat Scabies, (drums). If the group was the first British punk to release a single (New Rose in 1976), they turned into a more gothic sound in the 1980's.

20 Tracks
1 Neat Neat Neat2:43
2 New Rose2:44
3 Problem Child2:13
4 Don't Cry Wolf3:13
5 Stretcher Case2:15
6 Sick Of Being Sick2:29
7 Love Song2:04
8 Smash It Up2:54
9 I Just Can't Be Happy Today3:34
10 History Of The World (Part 1)3:58
11 White Rabbit3:14
12 Disco Man3:19
13 Nasty2:49
14 There Ain't No Sanity Clause2:29
15 The Shadow Of Love3:50
16 Grimly Fiendish3:51
17 Eloise5:09
18 Is It A Dream3:24
19 Alone Again Or3:42
20 Gigolo6:03

Booklet includes liner notes by Mark Brennan and an illustrated discography.

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