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The Death Of Anna Karina are a five-piece screamo band from Italy that formed in 1999. Though they’ve gone through a few line-up changes and extended breaks, they’ve been active in some form for nearly twenty years now, which is almost unheard of for a screamo band. They’ve released three full-lengths to date, displaying the bands vast progression in style. Overall though, they could draw comparisons to other amazing screamo bands such as Orchid, Daitro and Envy, as well as the obvious Italian bands Raein and La Quiete. Aggressive, progressive, screamo, can’t go wrong. Enjoy.

1. The Infection
2. L’age D’or
3. You Are My Cannibal
4. Youthdeadefenestration
5. …
6. Mission Alphaville!
7. Rebels Of The Neon God
8. The Sixth Part Of The World
9. Jan T. Williams Is My Guitar Hero
10. Anemic Amour

1. The Death Of Anna Karina – Love & Antichrist
2. Rats Into Robots – The Sleep Of Reason Breeds Monsters
3. Kodan Armada – Short Walks, Down Long Roads
4. If It Doesn’t Kill You – Get Right Or Get Left
5. The Assailant – 68 Will Always Follow You
6. The Assailant – Yesterday’s News
7. The Assailant – Instrumental
8. La Quiete – Reflessioni Sul Peccato
9. Phoenix Bodies – Enlarge You Penis
10. Die, Emperor, Die! – Untitled

1. Me And Wittgenstein Down The Street By The Schoolyard
2. Decapitation Decapitation
3. The State
4. Every Revolution Is A Throw Of Dice
5. Simon Le Bon Against The Tradition (Revisited)
6. Kickin’ A Dead Pig Bag
7. The Cure
8. Castration
9. I Hear The Seduction Of New Liberalistic Pleasures On Your CD
10. Jlg And Anna Karina In A Bar
11. Instrumental

1. Gli Errori E Di Fronte A Noi Il Nulla
2. Sparate Sempre Prima Di Strisciare
3. Quello Che Non C’è
4. Dissoluzione
5. Inabilmente
6. Anticipazione Della Notte
7. Un’ultima Volta
8. Strumentale
9. Per Scherzo
10. Così Che Non Potranno Più Prenderci
11. Vile Omicidio

1. Chambers – La sera leoni, la mattina leoni
2. Chambers – Tutto è bene quel che finisce
3. Chambers – Le facce uguali di due medaglie diverse (feat. Johnny Mox)
4. The Death Of Anna Karina – Nero
5. The Death Of Anna Karina – Crepuscolare
6. The Death Of Anna Karina – E poi niente
7. The Death Of Anna Karina – Labile

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