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Band Name: The Dils

Music Album: Dils Dils Dils

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Damaged Goods

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 29 Tracks CD

Once labelled as "California's The Clash", The Dils were part of the very first wave of the L.A. punk scene. They formed in Carlsbad in San Diego County before moving first to San Francisco - where bassist Tony Kinman was briefly in The Avengers - then to L.A. In 1977 What? Records released their debut 7" "I Hate The Rich / You're Not Blank". After a two year gap, Chip and Tony Kinman, who were the axis of the trio, returned with a three-sided EP, Made In Canada, which was a far more melodic affair, offering hints at their future as country-punk band Rank & File. They split up in 1980.

The Dils line-ups:

Jeffrey Scott - lead vocals
Josef Marc - drums
Tony Kinman - bass
Chip Kinman - lead guitar

Chip Kinman - guitar, vocals
Tony Kinman - bass, vocals
Andre Alqover - drums

Chip Kinman - guitar, vocals
Tony Kinman - bass, vocals
Rand McNally - drums

Tony Kinman - bass, vocals
Chip Kinman - guitar, vocals
Bill Chobotar AKA Zippy Pinhead - drums

Chip Kinman - vocals, guitar
Tony Kinman - vocals, bass
John Silvers - drums

29 Tracks
1 I Hate The Rich1:45
2 You're Not Blank1:40
3 Class War1:43
4 Mr Big1:44
5 Sound Of The Rain3:25
6 Its Not Worth It3:03
7 Red Rockers2:41
8 Blow Up!2:17
9 Citizen2:25
10 Its Not Worth It1:53
11 Intro0:28
12 National Guard2:41
13 Tell Her I Love Her2:18
14 Gimme A Break2:41
15 Mr Big2:25
16 Love House3:23
17 Wreck Of The Old 972:04
18 New Kicks3:29
19 Before The Law3:07
20 Tell Me What I Want To Hear2:12
21 Class War2:01
22 Blow Up!2:21
23 I Hate The Rich1:37
24 C-A-R2:02
25 Turgid Tosh3:10
26 Some Things Never Change3:54
27 Poor Poor Girl3:52
28 Only The Lonely2:33
29 You Dont Matter Anymore2:47

© 1992 Damaged Goods

1 and 2 from "I Hate The Rich" 7" (1977)
3 and 4 from "198 Seconds Of The Dils" 7" (1977)
5 to 7 from "Made In Canada" 7" (1980)
8 from first demo spring 1977
9 and 10 live, punks against black lung benefit, Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, March 20 1978
11 to 24 live, Aito's, Berkley, November 18 1978
25 to 28 live, Los Angeles, 1979
29 live, Temple Beautiful, San Francisco, September 11, 1979

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