The Dirty Scums – The Booze And The Chicks (2020) Vinyl Album LP

Band: The Dirty Scums

Album: The Booze And The Chicks

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Dirty Records (3)

Release Country: Belgium

Record Type: 12 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Belgian Punk band The Dirty Scums was formed by Dirty Pik around Christmas 1981 and played its first gig on 6 March 1982. It took until 1983 before a stable line-up was formed. This line-up consisted of Dirty Pik, Dirty Zjantie, Dirty Jenz and Clo, a female singer. In 1984 the girl left the band and the rest continued as a trio. In 1984 and 1985 they published their own fanzine that contained articles as well on music as on politix. The band played all over the Flemish part of Belgium and became one of the main bands of the second Belgian punk boom together with others like Zyklome A, Capital Scum, Sponky Business, ... In 1985 The Dirty Scums released their first album which was then the second album of this Belgian punk scene (the first one bein' made in 1984 by Zyklome A). It was the first album in a long line of products which were all released on their own independent label Dirty Records. From 1985 till 1989 the band released three albums, two EP’s and a tape. At the end of the eighties most - if not all - bands of this second boom have split up, however The Dirty Scums kept on playin’ their punkmusic. Their first three albums then represented a quarter of all Belgian punk and hardcore albums made in the eighties. They had released another two tapes and an EP when a fourth member joined the band in 1994. The Scums had then operated for ten years as a trio. Vinyl albums had become history in the nineties and the Scums started a series of CDs. At the b (...)

12 Tracks
A1 I Wanna See The Ramones1:53
A2 Picturebook Of You3:16
A3 Zulma Was A Bitch1:24
A4 On The Road Again3:59
A5 I Won't Let You Go2:07
A6 All Day Fucker6:18
B1 Against The Norm6:02
B2 I'm Really Sick Of It2:49
B3 Clint Eastwood Is A Real Cowboy3:44
B4 Staf The Masturbator2:12
B5 Destroyed World4:11
B6 Drinkin' The Night Away2:51

Recorded and mixed by Aaltrack at Top Studios, Gent.

Recorded in April 1989, mixed in May 1989.

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