The Exploited – Totally Exploited (1984) Vinyl LP

Band: The Exploited

Album: Totally Exploited

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Blashadabee Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 20 Tracks Vinyl LP

UK 82 / UK Hardcore band formed in 1979 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Current line-up: •Wattie - Vocals •Willie - Drums (1982-1989, 1991-) •Irish Rob - bass(2003-) •Matt Justice - guitar (2008-2011,2012-) Former members: Guitars: •Hayboy (Steve) (1979-1980) •"Big" John Duncan (1980-1983) •Karl "Egghead" Morris (1983-1985) •Mad Mick (1985) •Nigel "Nig" Swanson (1985-1990) •Gordon "Gogs" Balfour (1989-1991) •Fraser "Fraz" Rosetti (1991-1995) •Arthur "Arf" Dalrymple (1996-1998) •Robbie (2001-2007) •Gav Little (2007–2008) •Matt Justice(2008-2011) •Tommy Concrete (2011 - 2012) Bass: •Mark Patrizio (1979-1980) •Gary MacCormack (1980-1983) •Billy Dunn (1983-1984, 1996-1997) •Wayne Tyas (1984-1985, 1986) •John "Deptford" Armitage (1985-1986) •James "Tony" Antony Thomson Lochiel) (1986-1987) •Mark "Smeeks" Smellie) (1988-1993) •Jim Gray (1993-1996) •Mikie (1996-2002) •Davey (Dave Peggie) (2002–2003) Drums: •Jim "Jimbo" Park (1979) •Glen "Dru Stix" Campbell (1979-1982) •Danny Heatley (1982) •Steve Roberts (1982) •Tony Martin (1989-1991) •Reiner (1997) •Ian "Pud" Purdie (1991-1992) Vocals: •Terry Buchan (1979)

20 Tracks
A1 Punks Not Dead
A2 Army Life
A3 Fuck A Mod
A4 Barmy Army
A5 Dogs Of War
A6 Dead Cities
A7 Sex & Violence
A8 Yops
A9 Daily News
A10 Dole Q
B1 I Believe In Anarchy
B2 God Save The Queen
B3 Psycho
B4 Blown To Bits
B5 Insanity
B6 S.P.G.
B7 Jimmy Boyle
B8 U.S.A.
B9 Attack
B10 Rival Leaders

Misspelled "Psycho" with "Pschyco" on the back cover (see photos).

Rated 4.5/5 based on 22 customer reviews

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