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The Flesh Eaters – Greatest Hits – Destroyed By Fire (1987) Vinyl LP Vinyl Album 7″

Band: The Flesh Eaters

Album: Greatest Hits - Destroyed By Fire

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Fan Club

Release Country: France

Record Type: 13 Tracks Vinyl LP Vinyl Album 7"

Arising from a punk rock party scene that exploded in the wasted midst of Hollywood tinsel and trash, The Flesh Eaters first mutated into a punk-fueled "roots rock voodoo blues" group (marked by the masterful A Minute to Pray, A Second To Die LP and a classic line-up of LA scene heavies) and later into a "speed metal esoterrorica" four-piece who throttled American hardcore with their mix of amped-up guitar hellfire and rough-hewn Jagger/Richards blues. Singer and band constant Chris D. (Desjardins) was able to sprout new heads for his band every couple of years while keeping a supremely intense, performance-as-catharsis ethos very much alive, and always charting fertile new musical ground. Live, Chris D. would shriek like he was conducting the last performance before Satan’s bloody rapture, and as if he just might be taking the audience down with him. The rock pundits of the day thus brought forth much enthusiasm, enthusiasm now all but buried in the yellowing copies of local fanzines.
Formed in 1978 and disbanded in 1983, when Chris D. started a new project, Divine Horsemen; reformed around 1990 and active till 2003-2004.

13 Tracks
A1 See You In The Boneyard3:29
A2 Cyrano Deberger's Back3:20
A3 Dominoes1:58
A4 Impossible Crime1:53
A5 Secret Life4:54
A6 Hard Road To Follow5:22
B1 The Wedding Dice4:16
B2 Pony Dress2:31
B3 We'll Never Die3:20
B4 Digging My Grave4:19
B5 Lake Of Burning Fire7:41
C1 Divine Horsemen7:07
D1 Drag My Name In The Mud6:29

Printed b&w inner sleeve with lyrics, fliers and photos.

The first 500 included bonus 7" with "Divine Horsemen" b/w "Drag My Name In The Mud". Label says "This record is part of the Flesheaters Greatest Hits It cannot be sold separately."

A1, A2 from 1981 LP "A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die"
A3 from 1980 LP "No Questions Asked"
A4 previously unavailable with this line-up, recorded 1983
A5 from 1982 LP "Forever Came Today"
A6 previously unavailable, recorded 1983
B1 from 1982 LP "Forever Came Today"
B2 from 1982 Compilation "American Youth Report"
B3 From 1983 LP "Hard Road to Follow"
B4 From 1983 LP from 1981 LP "A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die"
B5 previously unavailable, recorded 1982
C1, D1 have no information given as to origins

Pressing plant uncredited, identified by runout etchings.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 265 customer reviews

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