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The Jam – The Modern World (1977) Vinyl Album 7″

Band: The Jam

Album: The Modern World

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Mod

Label: Polydor

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 4 Tracks Vinyl Album 7"

Formed in Woking, England in 1976, The Jam consisted of three Members - Paul Weller (Lead Guitar, Vocals,) Rick Buckler (Drums & Percussion) and Bruce Foxton (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals). Foxton, joined in 1977, leaving local Rock band 'Zita'. As time went on and the style of the Jam’s music progressed into the 1980s, additional musicians were recruited for brass sections, percussion and backing vocals; in the case of the latter, a young female vocalist from Telford called Tracie Young (who subsequently had her own top 10 UK hit in 1983 as a solo artist with the pop song "The House That Jack Built") also appeared on the group's last three singles and was an original member of Weller’s next group; The Style Council.

By his own admission (in The Jam’s official 1983 Biography 'A Beat Concerto', written by Paolo Hewitt) Weller was influenced into forming The Jam after going to a concert of London Punk band The Clash. The name of the group came from Weller’s sister who suggested the title at breakfast one day. The first Album ‘In The City’ (1977) reflected the period of New Wave Punk that was happening in London at that time. Other songs on the album, which reflected Weller’s Punk influences, are the fran (...)

4 Tracks
A The Modern World
B1 Sweet Soul Music
B2 Back In My Arms Again
B3 Bricks And Mortar (Part)

1st issue with moulded injection labels and 'flipback' picture card sleeve with a curved edge opening to the right.

Side A, unlike the album, features the censored version of 'The Modern World': the [last] line 'I don't give two fucks about your review' has been replaced with 'I don't give a damn about your review'. This version was used on subsequent editions and compilations.

Side A: (From The Polydor LP "This Is The Modern World" -2383 475)

Side B: Recorded Live at 100 Club 11.9.77

A1 is indexed as A/ on back cover, B1 and B2 as B/ and C/; B3 is only a partial recording and is only listed on the label.


A1, B3: And Son Music Ltd.

B1: Kags Music Ltd.

B2: Jobete Music (UK) Ltd.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 218 customer reviews

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