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Music Album: Our Earth's Blood Pt 2 / Locust

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Electronic Rock Hardcore Noise Grindcore Power Electronics

Record Label: King Of The Monsters

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 21 Tracks Vinyl 10" LP

Musical group from San Diego, California, United States. They play mix of grindcore and mathcore. Active since 1994.

21 Tracks
Our Earth's Blood Pt 2
A1 Margin For Disintegration3:23
A2 War2:20
A3 Prayer From Another Land0:10
A4 Robotic Anenomi0:11
A5 Cave Water Rings0:06
A6 A Periscope's Demise By Torpedo0:12
A7 Rocket Brain Failure0:07
A8 Ward Of Knives0:06
A9 Lunatic Hunting People0:09
A10 Pluto's Winter0:15
A11 Jupiter's Autumn1:14
A12 Katlehong Journal (An Update)2:08
B1 Ass Gravity0:56
B2 Futile Agreement0:33
B3 Sever The Toe0:43
B4 Emaciation Fuckers0:46
B5 Red0:45
B6 Inbred America1:07
B7 Helios2:53
B8 Personal History1:01
B9 Keep Off The Tracks0:36

Man Is The Bastard Noise recorded, mixed & edited at Brilliant Noise Studios in Pomona, CA in 1995-1996.
No recording info or credits are provided for Locust.

'Mastered at' GLP means here 'Processed at'. GLP identified with matrix.

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