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The Offspring – Ixnay On The Hombre CD Album

Band: The Offspring

Album: Ixnay On The Hombre

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop Rock

Label: Columbia

Release Country: Australia

Record Type: 14 Tracks CD Album

Bryan "Dexter" Holland : Vocals, guitar
Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman : Guitar, vocals
Gregory "Greg K" Kriesel : Bass, vocals
Pete Parada : Drums
Ron Welty : Drums, vocals (1987-2003)
Adam "Atom" Willard: Drums (2003-2007)

Originally calling themselves Manic Subsidal, the Offspring began performing in 1984, composed of Bryan Holland (vocals, guitar), Greg Kriesel (bass, vocals) and James Frederick Lilja (drums).

James Lilja left the band in 1987 and former Clowns of Death guitarist Kevin Wasserman and Ron Welty joined and they changed their name to The Offspring.

In 2003 Ron Welty left the band, leaving them without a drummer for about half the year (and forcing them to use a session drummer, Josh Freese, for their Splinter album) before Atom Willard joined the group toward the end of 2003.

Willard left the band in 2007 and was replaced by former Face To Face drummer Pete Parada. Josh Freese was, again, hired to record the drum tracks for the Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace album.

14 Tracks
1 Disclaimer0:44
2 The Meaning Of Life2:56
3 Mota2:57
4 Me & My Old Lady4:33
5 Cool To Hate2:47
6 Leave It Behind1:58
7 Gone Away4:28
8 I Choose3:54
9 Intermission0:48
10 All I Want1:54
11 Way Down The Line2:37
12 Don't Pick It Up1:53
13 Amazed4:24
14 Change The World6:24

Manufactured in Australia by Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Limited

β„—&Β© 1997 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

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