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Download The Oppressed – Oi! Oi! Music! (1984) CD Album Reissue Megaupload

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Band Name: The Oppressed

Music Album: Oi! Oi! Music!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Oi

Record Label: Captain Oi!

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 23 Tracks CD Album Reissue

One of the first skinhead bands in Europe with strong anti-fascist message coming from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Start in 1981, splitt in 1984. Then reformed in 1994.

"THE OPPRESSED Oi! STORY. 1981 / 202?.
Oi! STORY - THE 80s.
March 1981, Russel (DUCKY) Payne is released from Borstal and I get released from Prison. At the time we didn't know each other and it's just coincidence that we were both banged up for violence. Anyway, Ducky (GUITAR), his brother Ronnie (BASS) and Gary Tier (DRUMS), all Cardiff Skins, along with Martin Brennan (VOCALS) a valley Skin, form an Oi! band. After tossing a few names around, including FORCED OPPRESSION, they decide that THE OPPRESSED fits the bill. So it was that with not much ability and a ton of enthusiasm the boys set out to have a ball. While all this was going on I was forming INSANITY SQUAD with me on guitar, my brother Dom on bass, his mate Vince King on vocals, and a nutter called Ed Flemming on drums. Me and Vince was Skins and Dom and Ed was Punks so that made us Cardiffs first Skunk band. We played a few local gigs, recorded nothing and fell apart after trying play a gig so pissed we couldn't see straight. Back at Duckys house Ronnie had left the band. No big story, he just wasn't into it. Looking for a new bass player they ask my mate if he wanted to join but he couldn't play a triangle so he suggested me. I'd seen their first gig and I remember telling my missus how "I should be in that band". So Ducky (...)

23 Tracks
1 We're The Oppressed
2 Leave Me Alone
3 Violent Society
4 Urban Soldiers
5 Chaos
6 Gun Law
7 Riot
8 Joe Hawkins
9 Fight For Your Life
10 Ultra Violence
11 Government Out
12 Run From You
13 Skinhead Girl
14 Don't Look Back
15 Magistrate
Bonus Tracks
16 Work Together
17 Victims
18 Bad Man
19 Angels With Dirty Faces
20 A. C. A. B.
21 Urban Soldiers (Original Version)
22 Run From You (Original Version)
23 Ultra Violence (Original Version)

All titles written by the Oppressed and copyright control except tracks 5 and 20 written by the 4-Skins (Link Music), Track 19 written by Pursey/Parsons (Signature Pub), Track 18 written by Geggus/Turner/Riorden (Signature Pub), and Track 13 written by Naismith (B & C Music Ltd.) Tracks 1-15 taken from the Oi Oi Music L.P, tracks 16-23 are bonus tracks from earlier releases.

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