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The Queers – A Day Late And A Dollar Short (1996) CD

Band: The Queers

Album: A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Lookout! Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 34 Tracks CD

The Queers are punk rock band formed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1982. Their sound is heavily influenced by the Ramones and '60s bubblegum pop and their songs often feature humorous and juvenile lyrics. The original line up consisted of Joe King (2) (Vocals/Guitar), Tulu (2) (Vocals/Bass), and Wimpy (2) Rutherford (Drums). The band released one 7" EP with this line up. In 1984, the band released a second 7", this time with Tulu on drums, Wimpy singing, and Keith Hages playing bass. The band split shortly afterwards but Joe would occasionally use the name throughout the '80s, playing with various line-ups (King's most frequent collaborators were JJ Rassler (guitar) and Hugh O'Neill (2) (drums)) for sporadic shows in Boston and New Hampshire, although there were no recordings created at this time, and by the end of the decade the band had pretty much become inactive.

In 1990, King and O'Neill decided to get the band going again and recorded the band's first LP, "Grow Up". Aro (...)

34 Tracks
1 We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin1:02
2 Terminal Rut0:34
3 Fagtown0:30
4 I Want Cunt0:23
5 Trash This Place1:38
6 Love Me3:57
7 Kicked Out Of The Webelos1:24
8 Tuly Is A Wimp1:09
9 At The Mall1:03
10 I Spent The Rent0:24
11 I Don't Wanna Work1:56
12 I'm Useless1:11
13 This Place Sucks0:52
14 Wimpy Drives Through Harlem1:23
15 I Like Young Girls1:44
16 Nuni In New York0:53
17 Nobody Likes Me2:00
18 Nothing To Do0:53
19 Nowhere At All1:05
20 MacArthur's Park1:37
21 Flesh For Tulu0:28
22 Fuck You1:01
23 Didn't Want None1:40
24 Meat Wagon0:28
25 Don't Puke1:05
26 Bonehead2:24
27 Wimpy Drives Through Harlem (2)1:54
28 Nothin To Do0:50
29 Gay Boy2:09
30 Nobody Likes Me2:10
31 Too Many Twinkies1:59
32 Half Shitfaced2:06
33 I Live This Life1:54
34 Live Broadcast WFMU 4/11/9119:15

CD releases of numerous previous 7" and EP releases.
The WMFU tracks were previously unreleased

Tracks 1 to 6 from Love Me 7"
Tracks 7 to 13 from Kicked Out Of The Webelos 7"
Tracks 18, 19, 22, 25 and 26 from Too Dumb To Quit! 7"
Tracks 14 to 17, 21 and 23 from Look Ma No Flannel! 7"
Tracks 20 and 24 from My Old Man's A Fatso 7"

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