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The Queers – Rocket To Russia (1994) Vinyl Album LP

Band: The Queers

Album: Rocket To Russia

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop

Label: Selfless Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 14 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

The Queers are punk rock band formed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1982. Their sound is heavily influenced by the Ramones and '60s bubblegum pop and their songs often feature humorous and juvenile lyrics. The original line up consisted of Joe King (2) (Vocals/Guitar), Tulu (2) (Vocals/Bass), and Wimpy (2) Rutherford (Drums). The band released one 7" EP with this line up. In 1984, the band released a second 7", this time with Tulu on drums, Wimpy singing, and Keith Hages playing bass. The band split shortly afterwards but Joe would occasionally use the name throughout the '80s, playing with various line-ups (King's most frequent collaborators were JJ Rassler (guitar) and Hugh O'Neill (2) (drums)) for sporadic shows in Boston and New Hampshire, although there were no recordings created at this time, and by the end of the decade the band had pretty much become inactive.

In 1990, King and O'Neill decided to get the band going again and recorded the band's first LP, "Grow Up". Aro (...)

14 Tracks
A1 Cretin Hop
A2 Rockaway Beach
A3 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
A4 Locket Love
A5 I Don't Care
A6 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
A7 We're A Happy Family
B1 Teenage Lobotomy
B2 Do You Wanna Dance?
B3 I Wanna Be Well
B4 I Can't Give You Anything
B5 Ramona
B6 Surfin Bird
B7 Why Is It Always This Way?

Complete cover of The Ramones "Rocket To Russia" LP.

Recorded at Flat Iron, Chicago, Illinois.

Printed in Canada

Pressing Info:
1400 pressed on black vinyl/stock cover.
300 pressed on white vinyl/stock cover.
300 additional pressed as a tour pressing on pink vinyl with a silkscreened felt cover.

This was later bootlegged on CD, and then legitimately released on CD through Clearview Records in 1998 and reissued by Liberation Records in 2001.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 185 customer reviews

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