THE SATELLITES – Here Is Todays News… 1984

Heiliges Ließchen, I’ve just eaten my first self made omelette and I should have been a cook, perfectly seasoned, golden brown fried and nibbled in five minutes and to this the full length by the Satellites. Founded 1977 in Acton/London by Derek (vocals), Robert (guitars), John (bass) and Danny (drums), released via Brickyard Records. In their six-year life, they made four 7Inches plus this album which was produced by Rat Scabies. They were at the centre of a west London Punk scene with The Ruts and shared a stage with Tubeway Army, Crass, The Pack… You can meet them on some compilations and on this slab are fourteen songs, sometimes fast – sometimes longer, nice mixed and made to bring you a relaxed evening of Punk Rock’N’Roll. That’s all for today, bleibt artig!

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