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The Shyness Clinic were a four-piece emo/indie band from Boston, Massachusetts that began in 1995 and (presumably) ended in 1999. They were on many incredible bands to come out of the underground emo scene, which means they utilize clean arpeggios and climatic octave chords, and make full use of the loud/soft dynamic. Their sound will definitely appeal to fans of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Cross My Heart, The Gloria Record, and so many more. Not to be dismissive of their sound as being similar to many, The Shyness Clinic were masters of their craft, and wrote some incredible songs that hit amazing highs and transitioned into quiet lows flawlessly. Though their output was pretty minimal (as expected from a band in this scene), it was incredibly solid and worth a listen. Plus putting a split with Everyone Asked About You is a thing of legend. Enjoy.

1. The Shyness Clinic – Barcelona To Madrid
2. Everyone Asked About You – I Will Wait
3. Everyone Asked About You – A Better Way To A Broken Heart 

1. Ocean
2. Not If I Leave First
3. Living Museum
4. Mapmaker
5. This Is History
6. Further Proof
7. I Used To Be An Actor
8. Barcelona To Madrid
9. Jet-Setting
10. Her Vs. Altitude
11. I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon
12. Sea Of Redlights
1. Stick To One Thing
2. Rearrange Your Room
3. The Optimist
4. I Am The Light Circling Back To Its Source (Keep Passing Through Open Windows)
5. A Certain Distance

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