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The Walking Seeds – Earth Is Hell (2020) Vinyl Album LP

Band: The Walking Seeds

Album: Earth Is Hell

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Art Rock Psychedelic Rock

Label: Snakeskin

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 14 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Alternative heavy rock band from Liverpool, England. Their sound has been described as 'psychedelic grunge'.
Formed in 1986 from members of The Mel-O-Tones, Frank Martin (vocals), Bob Parker (guitar), and John Neesam (drums). With Neesam's departure they were soon joined by former The Marshmallow Overcoat guitarist Baz Sutton and drummer Tony Mogan.
The distinctive style includes Frank Martin's throaty and anguished vocals which are mostly barked or screamed, fuzzy overdriven guitar embarking on wailing psychedelic solos and heavy pounding drums. They may be explained in some ways as a British Butthole Surfers, although they do not sound too similar and the music lacks the absurdist elements of the Buttholes'.
The group cut 5 studio albums and one live album and 7 singles between 1987 and 1994 for numerous indie labels including Probe, Shimmydisc and Paperhouse.
They also recorded four sessions for John Peel BBC Radio One show, none of which are commercially available.
It is rumoured that Seattle bands around the Sub Pop scene such as Nirvana were heavily influenced by Walkingseeds sound, however there is no conclusive proof of this.
In their later years they were joined by Don Fleming

14 Tracks
A1 Intro
A2 Gates Of Freedom
A3 She Said, She Said
A4 Hairy Who?
A5 Mortal Blues
A6 Mad River Blues
A7 Shaved Beatnik
A8 Blathering Out
B1 Skull Fuck
B2 ..... 281F
B3 Couldn't Get High
B4 Sexorcist
B5 Broken Cup
B6 Hey Joe

Recorded live in Deutschesbundesrepublik April / May 1990, during the Walkingseeds European tour.

SavX c:90
©&℗ Snake Skin Records 1990.

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