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ÞEYR- Mjötviður Til Fóta 2001

And we stay wavie and visit the small volcanic island in the far north of Europe and find us in Reykjavík and meet Þeyr, a renowned new wave band from the early 1980s. Shrouded under a veil of mystery, their three-year existence was characterized by a deep interest in ancient wisdom. Þeyr helped bring about the new wave movement in Iceland and became one of the first Icelandic bands to be known abroad. Their music was now something very special, raw and angry, sometimes compared with works of Killing Joke or Joy Division. Their music never has been re-released as the masters are believed to be lost. However in 2001 a compilation was released called Mjötviður til Fóta. It contains songs recovered from the album Mjötviður Mær and the single Iður til Fóta, two records released in 1981. Thus, the only recorded material of the band currently available is this release, as well as some Icelandic compilations which feature a few tracks, released in 2001 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the creation of Theyr. Stolen words again but I think these describe the work of the band excellent and for that they’re made by people who can do it better than me. Extra: the Life Transmission 7” from 1981.

– Great Thx to Dante D –


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