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Time To Think – On Second Thoughts… (2020) Cassette

Band: Time To Think

Album: On Second Thoughts...

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Avantgarde

Label: Thinking Time Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 32 Tracks Cassette

Peter Williams and Andy Martin of The Apostles.


32 Tracks
A01 Isolation3:08
A02 Don't You?0:50
A03 St. Mary's Church In A Dell Of White Hazel Trees, Near The rapid Whirlpool By The Red Cave Of The Church Of St. Tysilio0:04
A04 Career1:18
A05 The People's Sport1:12
A06 Hugh MacDiarmid1:32
A07 Shove The Dove!1:33
A08 White Power!1:48
A09 Sick Society2:09
A10 A Lesson For Lovers1:45
A11 What Are You?1:20
A12 In All Honeesty1:00
A13 1 Hour 40 Minutes0:51
A14 Lux Aeterna2:42
A15 Aspire To A Spire On Fire1:43
A16 The Lost Page Of The Bible1:05
A17 No God1:35
A18 Hardcorps1:30
B01 Here Are The Young Men1:58
B02 Subhuman Debris0:41
B03 Loudmouth1:09
B04 Revolution1:58
B05 Blads & Blasses1:27
B06 Homocore1:05
B07 Simon: Sleep!1:53
B08 Gallus Bloke1:42
B09 High Rise Wains2:08
B10 Conspiracy0:39
B11 UK922:42
B12 Bad Geography2:48
B13 Information2:40
B14 The Death Of Muz's Other Cassette Machine1:51

Recorded on 23-24 March, 20-21 April, 25&27 July 1991 in Hackney London.

A08 is not a cover of the Skrewdriver track.

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