Totalitär – Vansinnets Historia (2020) Vinyl 7″ EP

Band: Totalitär

Album: Vansinnets Historia

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Crust Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 6 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP

Swedish hardcore punk band formed during the winter of 1984/1985, known for their manic d-beat style. Original line-up was: Poffen - vocals / Lanchy - guitar / Andreas - bass. Drummer Spennart joined the band a bit later but quit during the summer of 1986. He was replaced by Jörgen who was a guitarist originally. In 1987 Jörgen introduced Jesper, a friend whom with he had a two-piece band (TGU). He took over the drums and Jörgen started playing the second guitar. After releasing a string of 7''s the band went on hiatus in 1990. They also did a fanzine at that time called Antisystem. In 1994 Finn Records proposed a reforming of the band and released their first LP "Sin Egen Motståndare". Line-up this time was Poffen, Lanchy, Andreas and Jallo on drums. From '94 to 2000 the band continued to record but rarely played live. After releasing another LP, two split LP's (with Discmachine and Disclose) and a few singles they decided to disband again at the end of 2000. After 6 years without recording sessions, they returned to the studio one last time and Prank released their third LP "Vi Är Eliten".

6 Tracks
A1 Vansinnets Historia
A2 Han Blir Som Er
A3 Ensam I Massan
B1 Tjernobyl, Ignalina, Forsmark
B2 Tavlor Som Hånar
B3 Tredje Världen Släcks I Väst

Recorded in 1998.
Folded paper sleeve with lyrics printed inside

Rated 4.5/5 based on 23 customer reviews

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