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Tove Lo announces release date and details of new album Blue Lips [Lady Wood Part II]

Photo by David Brendan Hall

Tove Lo has announced that her new album, Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II], will be released November 17th via Island Records.

The album, which will be the singer’s third, is meant to be a companion piece to her last record, 2016’s Lady Wood. The two records combine to tell the Lady Wood Story, with each album containing two “chapters” or sides. Blue Lips’ chapters, “Light Beam” and “Pitch Black”, collectively describe the “highs, lows and ultimate demise of a relationship.”

Alongside the two albums, Tove Lo released a pair of short films in Fairy Dust and Fire Fade that mark Tove Lo’s acting debut. At 31-minutes and 21-minutes respectively, the short films in and of themselves are an ambitious undertaking.

You can check out the Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II] cover art and tracklist below.

Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II] Artwork:

blue lips Tove Lo announces release date and details of new album Blue Lips [Lady Wood Part II]


Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II] Tracklist:
Light Beams (part one):
01. disco tits
02. shedontknowbutsheknows
03. shivering gold
04. dont ask dont tell
05. stranger
06. bitches

Pitch Black (part two):
01. romantics (featuring Daye)
02. cycles
03. struggle
04. 9th of october
05. bad days
06. hey you got drugs?

Previously, Tove Lo shared the fantastically titled single, “Disco Tits”, check out the song’s video below.

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