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Minor Threat Bottle

Antidote - Go pogo
The Oppressed - lion city skinheads

Choking Victims - Things keep getting caught in my throat
Mischief Brew - Up the pugs

Leftover Crack - World trade is a death-machine
The Mob - No doves fly here

Toy Dolls – A Far Out Disc (1985) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Toy Dolls

Album: A Far Out Disc

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Volume Records (5)

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 16 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Punk band from Sunderland, UK, formed in October 1979.

Last Known Line-Up:-

Olga (Michael Algar): Vocals, Guitar
Tom Goober (Tom Blyth): Bass Guitar
The Amazing Mr. Duncan (Duncan Redmonds): Drums


Pete Zulu (Peter Robson): Vocals, Guitar (1st)
Hud (Paul Hudson): Vocals, Guitar (2nd)

Bass Guitarists:-

Flip (Philip Dugdale): Bass Guitar, Vocals
Freddie Hotrock (Frederick Roberts): Bass Guitar (2nd)
Bonny Baz (Baz Warne): Bass Guitar (3rd)
Pete Zulu (Peter Robson): Bass Guitar (4th)
Ernie (Ernest Algar): Bass Guitar (5th)
Dean James (Dean Robson): (6th)
K'Cee (


16 Tracks
A1 A Far Out Theme Tune (Intro)0:18
A2 She Goes To Finos3:28
A3 Razzamataz Intro2:35
A4 Modern Schools Of Motoring3:28
A5 Carol Dodds Is Pregnant3:13
A6 You And A Box Of Handkerchiefs1:47
A7 Bless You My Son2:30
A8 My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar1:05
B1 Come Back Jackie2:58
B2 Do You Want To Finish... Or What?!2:28
B3 Commercial Break1:38
B4 "Chartbuster" / Razzamataz Outro2:38
B5 We're Mad4:35
B6 Wipe Out!1:57
B7 Florence Is Deaf2:26
B8 A Far Out Theme Tune (Outro)0:26

(p)&(c)1985 Volume Records

Licensed through Sonet Rec. & Publ. Ltd.

Marketed by Intercord Ton GmbH, Licensee.

Manufactured in Stuttgart, Licensee.

The cat# printed as follows:

INT 147.149 (VOLP 2)

Rated 4.5/5 based on 200 customer reviews

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